Though academic assignments are hard, modern students have plenty of tools at their disposal to ease the stress and ensure success. There are all types of text editors, grammar checkers, plagiarism software, and so on. Having a trusted essay writing service by your side is vital for a student nowadays. But, most importantly, there are also many online resources and events that help students take their skills to the next level.

Though academic assignments are hard, modern students have plenty of tools at their disposal to ease the stress and ensure success. There are all types of text editors, grammar checkers, plagiarism software, and so on. But, most importantly, there are also many online resources and events that help students take their skills to the next level.

Open Video Conference

Anyone genuinely interested in everything related to video content and the way it is being delivered on the web should find this conference very engaging and informative. The organizers of the conference, as well as the key speakers, believe in the underestimated and not yet fully used huge potential of web video. This conference should be interesting to all students in video-related majors, as well as to established professionals.

The conference’s organizers find their mission in bringing big changes in how web video is being delivered and used. They emphasize on the importance of video as a medium on the web and claim that the only way to make the most of it is to ensure it is as accessible,  copy-pastable, and ubiquitous as text content.

There were three open video conferences in 2009, 2010, and 2011. The main focus of each event was on the online video medium. From the very first conference, the organizers denoted a significant shift in web video use and trends compared to years ago. They highlight the positive effects of the quick adoption of WebM and open video format in a global community of developers. The organizers also highlight a significant expansion of available tools aimed at making and sharing videos on the web.

The core concept of each open video conference is pretty straightforward. The conference managers claim that today, a video medium is deeply bound with the web experience. Thus, it has significant potential in many different sectors. Web video has the ability to transform such sectors as public media, education, and journalism. However, to uncover its full potential, it is vital to give it a solid base, to transform the very essence of how we use video on the web.

Despite a wide range of possibilities, the open video toolchain is still quite immature. The organizers of the conference compare it with the open-source software. Just as it took years to build and grow the foundation for the open-source software on the web, it will take not less time to build a solid foundation for open video.

Thus, at its heart, this conference is all about building those foundations. Currently, there is no information about new upcoming events. However, on the official website of the conference, you can still access the program of each conference in a PDF format. These programs contain lots of interesting and valuable data that can be very useful for generating interesting essay topics about media and the video medium, in particular.

Here are just some of the exciting topics that were discussed in the framework of past conferences:

Open Video Experiments in Higher Education

In the framework of the topic Open Video Experiments in Higher Education, the conference had two talks from different speakers.

The first talk focused on mobile learning with Android. The speech was presented by Tiscar Lara, the vice-dean of Digital Culture from the EOI Spain’s Public Business School. The concept of this open video experiment lies in developing mobile learning methodologies with the help of free software like Android. The EOI school has developed apps for Android-based devices to foster mobile learning. During the experiment, over 500 students used the apps to share knowledge, collaborate, produce video, and then share their projects outside the classroom.

Another talk emphasized the importance of fostering an open culture in higher education. The presenters of this talk were Andy Wasklewicz and Jenn Stringer, specialists from Stanford University School of Medicine. In the framework of this experiment, the specialists from Stanford University School of Medicine have created a set of technologies for video capture and distribution. These technologies made it possible to create and deliver hours of high-value  open content.

Eventually, they faced an inveterate culture that resists the very idea of open content and has a great deal of concerns regarding video content control and intellectual property rights. The specialists, in their turn, emphasized the importance of fostering an open culture in educational institutions and share how they acted to make schools, staff, and students themself ready for a cultural shift toward the adoption of open video content.

Educational Video Service Strategy

Another big topic discussed during the conference is the possibility to solve different technological and pedagogical support issues with the help of open video. The speakers were:

  • Chris Millet, a Manager of Educational Technology at Penn State;
  • Steven Gass, an Associate Director for Public Services at MIT;
  • Wendy M. Chapman, a Director of Web Technologies, Facilities, Technology at USC;
  • Jama Coartney, a Head of Digital Media Lab at the University of Virginia.

During the discussion, presenters emphasized the wide range of applications that open video has in education. The speakers from different educational institutions shared their strategies for raising awareness about the open video in schools with the goal to boost digital literacy among both students and faculty staff and incorporate digital media into the learning process.

Remixing Gendered Advertisements: New Media Literacy Education

Another engaging topic focused on gendered advertisements that represent an outdated understanding of gender roles and social. The presenter of this topic - Jonathan McIntosh, a remix artist, offers a solution that will help youth fight back such gendered advertisements that come along their way every day. Jonathan shows how simple tools can help remix and creatively re-frame video advertisements.

Top 8 Other Online Conferences and Events for Simple Essay Writing

Creating a flawless essay or another paper is a challenge. It takes knowledge, skills, and mastery to succeed. No wonder why so many students are struggling with their assignments.

Some of the most common issues facing students when writing are:

  • Choosing the right topic;
  • Planning and outlining;
  • Researching;
  • Structuring the work;
  • Editing and proofreading the draft, etс.

While all these matters can get in your way, there is a solution. One solution you have is to get help from a professional essay writer service - this way, you will get your papers done quickly and with no efforts, and, at the same time, will ensure a high grade. And, there is also another solution - you can upgrade your skills through learning. That’s where various workshops, conferences, and webinars can really help!

Are you feeling stuck with your essay? Are you currently in need of inspiration to find good essay topics for college students? Or maybe you just want to master the art of academic writing? In any case, we believe that these conferences and events will definitely come in handy.

The Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference

This great conference will be held by Arizona State University via Zoom. The dates for this event are 18-20 February 2021. The Desert Nights, Rising Stars Writers Conference will have quite an extensive program that includes numerous readings, writing workshops, pitch sessions, panel discussions, roundtable discussion, author signings, and a book fair.

Typically, this conference is held offline at a physical venue in Arizona. However, this year, the organizers decided to deliver a fully virtual experience due to the increasing numbers of COVID cases in the state.

The conference is designed for everyone engaged in creative writing. It will give attendees an opportunity to expand their knowledge and attain new vital skills, as well as to learn the ins and outs of the craft.

The cost of participation is rather high - $225 for early registration (before 31 December), $275 for regular registration, and $150 for a one-day pass. However, the good news for all students out there is that there is a scholarship available for this event.

Assignment Writing for University

Assignment Writing for University is an online seminar created by the co-founder of one of the essay writing services and available at Eventbrite.

This webinar was created specifically for students. It covers a range of descriptive essay topics related to academic writing. It will be helpful to all young people who struggle with academic assignments and want to brush up on their skills. Some of the important issues that will be discussed during this event are:

  • How to brainstorm and shape interesting essay topics
  • How to research and plan essays
  • How to write powerful introductions and conclusions
  • What else to include in an essay
  • How to enhance one’s critical thinking ability
  • How to use different citation styles to reference the work right
  • How to avoid plagiarism

These are the topics for the talk. After this, there is a Question and Answer session planned, during which students can order essay or participate in the discussion and ask their questions.

The webinar itself will take place on 25 November and will be held via Zoom. The cost of attendance is only £7, which is about $9. You should agree that it is a small price for your future success!

Overcoming Writing Anxiety

This is another event created by professionals from the essay writing service specifically for students. Overcoming Writing Anxiety is a short live-stream video session. The purpose of the event is to discuss the mindset and skill behind the successful planning and completion of projects. It will help students (as well as professionals) to learn how to handle anxiety related to writing. The participants will learn some handy tips on how to cope with anxiety and get concentrated on a task.

The session will take place on 24 of October in Zoom. And the best part of it is that it is absolutely free of charge. Thus, if you also feel like you have that fear of a blank page, attending this live event is a win-win deal for you!

TOK Essay Titles

Everyone who is struggling with their essay for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program should find IBMastery a handy source. Every May and November, this resource posts an online webinar on relevant TOK Essay Titles.

These webinars discuss how to choose the right topic, as well as how to plan or pay for essay writing and write top-notch work. So, it will definitely come in handy to all IB students.

Webinars are only available to registered users. To become a member, you will have to pay a small membership fee. There are two pricing options - monthly subscription costs $14.99 per month, and annual membership is billed at a lower price of $8 per month. However, there is also a free trial period to test the resource.

IB Theory of Knowledge Essay Workshop

Another great option for IB students is this online workshop. In the framework of the workshop, students can enhance their TOK essay topic ideas, refine their skills, and set up for success.

The workshop is free of charge and will take place on 24-25 November. The event will be led by a qualified TOK teacher with vast experience in this matter. The purpose of the workshop is to teach you how to craft clear, focused, and compelling essays.

Center for Creative Writing

If you are looking for ways to boost your skills, this resource should definitely be bookmarked. Center for Creative Writing is an online community that offers a variety of online courses, workshops, one-on-one guidance lessons, virtual retreats, and generative narrative essay writing sessions.

The biggest benefit of this resource is that it is very versatile. In their events, they cover a variety of genres from essays to poetry. And the second big advantage is that all these events take place regularly and all year round. So, if you keep a lookout on this website, you will definitely find something that suits your needs.

Writing Your MA Dissertation

It wouldn’t be fair to say that essays are the most challenging type of assignment. No, there are also papers that are much more complex, tedious, and type-consuming. One of such is an MA dissertation.

Just like it is in the case of essays, finding the right narrative essay topic, planning, and handling an MA dissertation is hard. But, this workshop can help you get through it at ease. The workshop is provided by the Academic Writing Centre, Technological University Dublin and it discusses all the peculiarities of an MA dissertation.


This is a pretty well-known resource, and it is mostly known for its great online conferences. The upcoming conference will take place on 19-21 February.

The event is originally meant for the authors dealing with children’s literature. However, anyone engaged in creative, and even academic writing can find something interesting here. Every year, the program of the conference is pretty diversified and intensive. It covers everything from generating brilliant ideas to developing a unique style.

During this event, students can learn more about the craft, correct structures, and interesting new elements to add to their works.