So you want to be an architect. What’s next? Everyone who has ever considered this profession as a future career opportunity had probably wondered “how to become a famous architect?”

While there might be quite a few reasons to become an architect, it would be unfair to claim that it is easy. To become an architect, one needs solid dedication, talent, and a huge desire to grow professionally.

Here, we are going to talk about one of the most distinguished architects in the US. So, if you think to yourself “I want to be an architect,” or even if you were just assigned to write an essay on architect, you should find this article helpful and engaging. So, sit back and get ready to dive into the life of architect!

Joel Sanders: Life as an Architect

How to become a successful architect and what is it like to be an architect? If these questions pop up in your mind, the person we are going to discuss definitely knows the answers to both.

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The key figure in our essay architect is Joel Sanders. Joel is a recognized expert in the field of architecture. Although there is not much personal information about Joel Sanders on the web, we can assume that he decided on his future career quite early. Joel has studied architecture at Columbia University and received a BA degree. Then, he pursued education at the same university through the MArch program.

From a simple architect, Joel went on to be the head of an award-winning architecture firm JSA and an inclusive design consultancy MIXdesign. Both his enterprises are popular in the New York area and even beyond it. Joel’s architecture firm specializes in a wide range of projects, including commercial projects, houses, residential and institutional interiors, as well as landscape design, and much more.

Joel’s firm JSA has been honored with multiple awards, such as New York Chapter AIA Design Awards (6 times), Interior Design Best of Year Awards (3 times), New York State AIA Design Awards (3 times), ALA/IIDA Library Interior Design Awards (2 times), and others.

Apart from being an award-winning firm, JSA can boast a large number of projects that have been featured in permanent collections of the Carnegie Museum of Art, MoMA, Art Institute of Chicago, and SF MoMA and, also, a lot of projects that have been introduced at different international exhibitions.

Sounds impressive and inspiring, right? But, wait, there is even more information we, unlike other essay writing services, can share with you in this essay about architecture. Apart from all of the aforementioned achievements, Joel Sanders is also dedicated to sharing his experience and knowledge in architecture with the young generation. Since 2015, Joel has also been a Professor and the Director of the M.Arch II Program at Yale School of Architecture.

Some of his courses over the past years include:

  • Architectural Design
  • Exhibitionism: Politics of Display
  • Design Research I: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives
  • Design Research II: Challenging the Built Environment
  • Post-Professional Design Studio
  • Body Politics: Designing Equitable Public Space
  • Techno-Sensations: Architecture, Technology, and the Body
  • Human/Nature

The most recent courses taught by Joel Sanders that fell on Fall 2020 include Design Research I: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives and Body Politics: Designing Equitable Public Space. Just to give you some idea of what Joel Sanders is teaching at his courses, let’s look at these two closer.

Design Research I: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives is an introductory class designed to help new students familiarize themselves with a new set of skills. In the framework of this class, students learn to conduct applied design research through the lens of different research perspectives. At the same time, the class examines some major humanitarian challenges and the possible difference that can be made by designers in the next century.

Body Politics: Designing Equitable Public Space is a seminar that teaches students about different challenges in design that are out there today. The seminar emphasizes how important it is today that designers are able to create safe public spaces that are accessible to the different groups of people. The class discusses the problem of five building types (museum, public restroom, office, urban street, and campus) that are still excluding persons who don’t fall under certain norms in terms of race, gender, etc. The core goal of the class is to discuss the problem in a historical and cultural context and encourage students to come up with alternative design solutions that would make it possible to bring together all groups of people in public space.

Finally, one more thing you need to know about Joel Sanders, according to our essay writers, is that he is also engaged in writing and editing activities. Joel is the editor of the books STUD: Architectures of Masculinity and Groundwork: Between Landscape and Architecture. In essence, both books focus on exploring the connection between social space (architecture) and culture. For example, the book STUD is examining the impact architecture has on the development of male identity. Both books show a rather non-trivial and unusual outlook on architecture, so if you are dreaming of becoming one, you may find the works of Joel Sanders quite engaging.

Final Thoughts

Joel Sanders is, without a doubt, an outstanding specialist in his field. No wonder why he becomes the figure of many essays about architecture.

Joel Sanders made a long and hard path from a student who had a dream to an established specialist, the principal of the two architecture firms, and a respected professor at Yale. He knows what it takes to be an architect. His passion for his job fascinates. His projects can’t help to take your breath away. And his willingness to share his professional experience and knowledge with the future generation of specialists deserves respect. 

Regardless of whether you are still asking yourself “Do I want to be an architect?” or have already firmly decided “I wanna be an architect”, hopefully, the story of Joel Sanders will give you the courage to follow your dreams!