When considering options for employment, one first has to decide on motives for employment. Will it be work for money or to gain experience for a future career? 

If the financial component comes to the fore, then it can be any job that meets the salary expectations. Office managing or administrative personnel positions, vacancies in public services, and temporary projects offer flexible working hours. If the key reason is to gain experience, job search would be easier, and the training would be better for career growth.

Some higher education institutions have the connections necessary to secure their students' employment. There are also various recruiting agencies engaged in finding entry-level occupations.

If the supposed job has to be related to a specialty, then it would be better to consider various internship positions. Those are open in government organizations and commercial companies. Yet, one has to be ready for the fact that payment for such internships is pretty low. 

Still, such work provides an opportunity to get necessary professional training and experience. There is also a chance of receiving an offer from the company after graduation.

Today, some companies offer temporary or project-, part-time work, and internships. So, for example, one can work part-time as a sales assistant in a mass-market or luxury boutique. This would help to get and hone communication skills and put the 7-step sales process to use.

Taking whatever job turns up is not a smart move. Moreover, it could turn out to be a waste of time. The creation of a job search strategy is essential. And the best way is to make a list of dream companies. Then you will need to write or use a cover letter writing service like https://skillhub.com/cover-letter-writing for creating and send it to the HR department or find a recruiter on social networks. Oftentimes company representatives write in their accounts that they are looking for an intern or assistant.  

So, here is the list of occupations on the job market most suitable for students:

1. Assistant Accountant

The duties in terms of this job include collection and processing of primary documents, ensuring a complete and reliable display of the information contained in the primary documents accepted for accounting. The assistant could also be responsible for a checkup of billing documents. 

An applicant for this position can look up bookkeeper resume examples to see what awaits him or her on this path. Studying a bookkeeper resume can help you prepare for the upcoming interview

2. Finances & Marketing

Lucky are the students who went into economics, banking, marketing, public relations, and advertising. These spheres develop fast, which means that internships and part-time openings are always available. There are also positions of novice specialists in reputable companies in the relevant professional fields.

Any student can go to the dean's office and check whether the university has agreements with industry employers about internships.

3. Merchandiser

It is a person who helps with product display in a store. That is, putting food on the shelves, clothes on the hangers, and so on. The job is simple, often part-time, and well paid. But get ready for many monotonous duties throughout working hours. 

4. Courier

This job became extremely popular with the advancement of COVID pandemics. The main idea of the job is to deliver the goods from one point to another. These can be deliveries between shops, or delivery of food from stores to customers’ houses, etc. The only thing required is to deliver the order on time. 

Sometimes couriers need to have a driver’s license. But, oftentimes, one can find delivery points close to each other and offer courier service to their holders. 

5. Call Center Operator

This specialist performs the function of an assistant in a company. Simply put, he is the link between the company and the client. Operators communicate with people by phone or via messengers and provide assistance or offer services. A huge advantage is that one can work from home, provided they have an Internet connection and a headset. It’s not a dream job but it pays well.

6. Freelance or Full-Time Photographer

This career field offers a huge variety of options. There is general photography that focuses mainly on landscapes and portraits. Then there is industry-related photography, which comprises food photography, advertisement creation, retouching, etc. Experience and a portfolio are desirable. To get this, one can take courses or take photoshoots with friends. Proficiency with Photoshop and other editors is required for success in this sphere.

7. Department Assistant at the University

The job is suitable for students who are passionate about education. A department assistant job covers plenty of – help teachers, deal with documents, arrange university events, etc.

The main advantage is that this job does not require any qualifications whatsoever and is easily combined with study. Another thing lies with that one can get positive attention from the teaching staff. Yet, one has to spend a lot of time at the university and the salary is quite low. A student is required to study well, otherwise, he or she simply would not be hired.

To get this job, you should contact the department or the dean's office at the university and apply. No resume is required.


As a rule, for freshmen, it is quite hard to combine work and study. But starting from the second year, it is a realistic objective. During the summer after the first year, there may be many internships offered by various companies. Thus, anyone can spend the summer with benefits for their personal development and resume points.

Graduates get accepted for start-up positions, and some organizations provide training opportunities for young professionals. Many companies are ready to take students with merely a high school diploma.