IEEE Virtual Museum – The History Of Electricity, Electronics, And Computers

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Socket to Me!: How Electricity Came to Be
A brief history of electricity and its applications, this introductory exhibit provides a broad perspective on the history and social impact of electricity, electronics, and computers.

Featured Exhibits

Let’s Get Small: The Shrinking World of Microelectronics
Small technologies with big significance, microelectronic devices and systems profoundly changed the history of the past four decades and are at the center of a striking scientific revolution today.

Powering the Electrical Revolution: Women and Technology
Meet the exceptional women who overcame social barriers to make achievements in the fields of math and science and the ordinary women who made contributions to the telegraph, telephone, industrial manufacturing, and computing industries.

Small is Big: The Coming Nanotechnology Revolution
The future is nanotechnology, molecule-size machines that will change factories, reshape the environment, cure diseases, and greatly expand our technological horizons. Learn more about these microscopic technologies here.

Songs in the Key of E
We all know electrification changed music (insert name of your favorite guitar hero here), but there’s a whole other range of instruments that relies on electronics to work. From the Singing Arc to the spooky tunes of the Theremin to the techno pop of the synthesizer, learn how electronic instruments have married the interests of engineers and musicians.

World War II: How War Impacted Technology; How Technology Impacted War
World War II was the first technological war. From the battlefield to the home front, see how war-era technology helped reshape socials roles and the military and political landscapes.

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