Online Plagiarism Checker for Duplicate Content

In the academic circles, the offense in question can lead to a failing grade, academic suspension, or worse. When you have spent hours researching and composing a paper, you do not want to skip this one step and get the work flagged for plagiarism. 

The Best Online Plagiarism Checker – Spot the Duplicate Content

Copying the ideas and suggestions from others has become the easiest way to accomplish tasks. This applies to research papers, articles, etc. 

It is indeed not uncommon for students to feel pressured under deadlines. This is why they may borrow the ideas of others into their papers. 

It doesn’t matter if you wrote the entire research paper yourself, or received professional guidance from a writing service. Still, it is in your best interest to check the work for duplicate content. 

While many services assure authenticity, plagiarism is very common today. This is possible due to the easy availability of resources on the internet. Even the slightest occurrences may cost you a good grade and reputation.

It is thus imperative to detect any duplicate content in your academic paper. This way, you can save yourself from any infringement. 

Today, almost every college and university has strict policies concerning plagiarism. There are official committees that address such accusations. Even minor discrepancies could alter the fate of your academic life.

To avoid any such predicament, all you need to do is find a reputable online plagiarism checker. This is a way to ensure that your content is devoid of any duplicate parts. 

Fortunately, since you are already here, you have got the first step right.


Free Plagiarism Checker

Our product is simple, straightforward, yet sophisticated in its work. 

This free intelligent and advanced software will highlight all similarities. These include paraphrases that resemble the original content too much. 

Students can manage any potential discrepancies by comparing their works to the internet’s most extensive collection of academic paper content. 

Regardless of how long your work is, or how complicated the subject may be, every student and professional can merit from the efficiency of our anti plagiarism checker. 

In fact, if you aim at ensuring that your academic papers can pass through the scrutiny of software such as Turnitin, then our plagiarism checker is going to be an indispensable tool in your writing kit. 

This is the best checking software that you will find online. It will help you identify duplicity and enable steering away from ambiguity. 

With the help of our plagiarism tool, you can be confident while submitting your paper. Be sure that it will pass any high-end checking. 


Online Plagiarism Checker That Boosts Your Academic Performance

There is no need to stress the importance of academic papers on your grades. While you can entrust any task to professional writers, it is still your responsibility to ensure the quality of the work. 

Now, with our easy and free anti-plagiarism checker, students can be 100% sure that the submitted paper is original. In a few simple steps, you can check your content-authenticity on EssayWritingService. 

  • Attach the file from your computer or copy-paste the content into the text field;
  • Start checking;
  • Wait for the software to analyze the content and compare it against the web resources other works;
  • If any duplicated content is identified, the plagiarism checker will locate the source and display it. 

Apart from highlighting the copied parts, our free plagiarism detector will also provide a percentage of uniqueness for your text. 

Users can additionally download a full plagiarism report listing out the score and matching sources. If needed, you can save it to demonstrate the originality, if needed. 

The entire process will take only a few minutes. 


Plagiarism Checker for Students of All Ages


The uniqueness of academic submissions is not the requirement for college students only. Today, the detection of duplicate content has become an integral part of the admission procedures. 

Right from their school days, students need to know why it is unethical to replicate content from someone else’s work.

Be it a short essay, or an elaborative group assignment, students of all grades better get our free plagiarism report as a guarantee. 

Our site offers excellent academic assistance to students of all grades, for any subject. You can be assured that you will receive top-quality, entirely unique essays from us. 

We leave no stone unturned in complying with our zero-tolerance to duplication policy. We conduct thorough proofreading and scan every piece of work submitted by our writers to establish its authenticity. 


Plagiarism Checker & Safety Policy


Our customer testimonials consistently prove one thing. Our services are absolutely reliable and trustworthy. When you choose to be a member of the EssayWritingService community, you can be sure of leaving your essays in good hands. 

By creating your online profile, you get access to the most experienced academic writers. What makes us stand out from the crowd is not only the quality of our services but also the approach to originality. 

Our specialists go above and beyond to secure the uniqueness of every essay. At the same time, customer information stays completely confident with us. Your personal data remains anonymous, not only to third-parties but also to our writers. 

We carefully monitor all the writing tasks and attend to every detail. We strive to make you completely satisfied with our services. Every day we do our best to make your academic journey as smooth as possible. 

In the rare scenario that you come across any unoriginal content, do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support. Any issue will be resolved. Our team is always available and will attend to your concerns promptly. 

The quality and authenticity of your papers are paramount to us. No matter where you get help from or whom you entrust the work to, use our software to check the originality. 

The only way to be assured that there are no plagiarized passages is to scan your paper through our checker. A last-minute scan is a simple yet crucial step before handing your paper in.


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